General Mills Leads Hydroponics Class at Sacred Heart

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During our hydroponics class with Mr. Oloriz, General Mills, the company that helps sponsor our hydroponics garden, came to present some important things about our garden and how our food grown or made. We were all split in three groups. One of the groups stayed in the Science class with two volunteers from General Mills and they explained to us how cereal is made and how our food is grown or made and shipped off. We also got to eat cereal and different types of grains.

The station was downstairs by the learning garden, where the was a table and another volunteer from General Mills gave us a word search to complete. The record was 13 words found, I got all of them!  I was especially proud. But anyways, we got the word search and when we were finished, we talked about how much time, effort and money it took to actually have and manage a business like General Mills. We also talked about certain jobs at General Mills and the food industry. He also explained what they do to help things get sold and get produced in a factory.

The third station was by the big water tank in the back of the garden. We were painting spot on it that could get damaged by the sun. We filled parts and then eventually there will be a coat to go over all of it to the keep all the nutrients in the water safe.
The most interesting thing I learned when General Mills came, was about how many people it takes to get certain food to you. So you need all the ingredients from different farms all over the country, and then you need to get all those ingredients to the factory which will use a couple more people to transport. And then you need all the people in the factory to make the actual food, and then people to pack it into boxes and get it on a truck or plane to be sent out. Then you to get people to fly the plane or drive the truck. And they could drive all around the country. Someone needs to pay them too. They get the food to your local grocery market and then the process starts all over again.I am very grateful that General Mills came. I learned a lot and it was very fun. I hope they get come again for the last group!

By: Amber Clarke