A group of friends, colleagues, prayer partners and family members can join together for the book study, 33 Days to Morning Glory. They may also obtain the Companion Retreat Packet and journal about the study, watch videos and share the experience with each other.

Books can be ordered for $14.95 for the premium edition, which includes a bonus section and prayers.
Here is the direct link for the premium edition in English and here is the link for Spanish.


DVD: This two-disc set includes six sessions. Each session consists of an introductory talk and a main talk, and accompanies the lessons from the 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat Companion workbook. DVD price $29.95 

Videos Streamed on FORMED: Parishioners in parishes with a subscription to formed.org have unlimited access to the videos for each of the 6 sessions. Videos can be watched On Demand, 24/7, using wifi.

 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat Companion in English only: 

The Retreat Companion contains the daily and weekly questions and is designed for those who would like to join a 33 Days to Morning Glory Small Group Retreat. It is used with the book and is only sold within the Participant Packet. The Participant Packet (parish pricing $19.95) contains these items:

  • 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat Companion 
  • “Collection of Daily Prayers” (a greeting-card sized compilation of the week’s prayers)
  • Prayer card with Consecration Prayer
  • Rosary (colors will vary)
  • How to Pray the Rosary Pamphlet
  • Miraculous Medal
  • Consecration Day Certificate (8.5 x 11, full-color)

Order the Retreat Companion here.

Retreat Companion on FORMED: The Retreat Companion is available in PDF format on FORMED. The parish FORMED subscription allows free unlimited downloads.