Tax Deferred Payroll Investment 401 (k) and Roth 401K

In addition to the pension plan, employees may participate in the Diocesan Tax Deferred Payroll Investment 401(k) Plan. This plan allows full time and part time employees  to participate in tax deferred investments or post tax investments under Internal Revenue Code Section 401(k). This section allows employees to invest a portion of their pre-tax pay in tax deferred investment programs or their post-tax pay in 401K Roth accounts that will be tax free when they are accessed in retirement. Within allowable limits, the employee may specify the amount or a percentage of his/her pay to be contributed to the program, and authorize the Employer to withhold such amount from his/her paycheck, and remit it to the program. The Diocese 401(k) program is administered the Paylocity system and managed by UBS with oversight by Concord Advisory Group, LTD.

We are now using the Mass Mutual web site, Retiresmart to enroll and to make all changes to your 401K accounts.

Please view a presentation on the Retiresmart website below.

Help with enrollment or other questions:

You’re just a few steps away from MassMutual’s RetireSmart website, where you can:
• Access information about your retirement account.
• Raise your financial awareness with our online tools and educational articles.
• View messages related to your plan, and much more!

To get started, log in to and click Create Account, located in the upper right corner. Follow the instructions and answer a few validation questions, then
you can create your username, password and PIN.

If you need assistance, contact our Participant Information Center at 1-800-743-5274 Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET. Representantes españoles
están disponibles.

Further information about this program is available in the Human Resources Office. For more information, see the Summary Plan Document and/or reach out to Chris Chiaro ( for an up to date 401K Enrollment Booklet.

401K / Roth 401k

Help with enrollment or other questions:

Participant Information Center at 1-800-743-5274

Chris Chiaro, KB Pension Services at 941-953-7452 or

John Benitoa, VP, Wealth Management, UBS at 813-903-6681 or

Choosing Your Investments for your Plan

Ryan Brannon, UBS at 813-903-6694 or