St. Joan of Arc Parish
Spring Hill


  1. Music is an integral part of the life of this parish. Under the leadership of the clergy, the Employee exercises an important ministry that reaches out to the staff, choir members, members of the parish, and the community.
  2. The Employee agrees to recognize and facilitate the pastoral dimension of this position.
  3. The music ministry will involve the Employee as an educator and the principal musician of this parish. The Employee’s pastoral concern for and counsel to all members of the choir and the parish are to exemplify the religious spirit of this place. As an educator, the Employee will teach music and explain liturgical concepts. As a musician, the Employee will be diligent in preparation and performance, and will cooperate with others to provide and enable the highest possible standard of worship in this parish.
  4. The Employee and the Employer agree to meet regularly to facilitate collegiality in the music ministry.
  5. It is understood that a variety of traditions and styles in organ, choral and congregational music may be appropriate for the liturgical services, and that the use of a variety of instruments may be expected. Keeping this in mind, the piano will be used as a complimentary instrument; “THE PRIMARY INSTRUMENT FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF MUSIC IN THE LITURGY WILL BE THE ORGAN”.

  6. Provide organ music and direct the choir(s) at the three (3) Masses regularly scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and shall select appropriate organ and choral music for each service.
  7. Provide organ music and direct the choir(s) at all services, as directed by the Employee’s supervisor. (Pastor)
  8. Provide organ and choral music for the following additional services during the year:
    • Three weekday Masses at 9:00 a. m.
    • Holy Day Masses: 7:00 pm Vigil Mass, 9:00 a.m. and/or 10:00 a.m.
    • Ash Wednesday Masses (9:00 am and 7:00 pm)
    • Holy Week Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday
    • Annual Parish Mission (Or be sure to have someone to do it)
  9. If not available will assist in the hiring of substitute musicians. The fees for the substitute musician are payable by the Employer.
  10.  Subject to the Employee’s availability, take part in extra rehearsals for regularly scheduled services that require additional preparation.
  11.  Be responsible for the leadership of the following choir/ensembles:
    • Adult Choir – rehearses once every week
    • Supervise volunteer director if a Children’s Choir is formed
    • Possible future Contemporary Choir/Ensemble
  12.  Be responsible for the continued development, recruitment, and rehearsal of the Cantors.
  13.  Cooperate with the Employer in the area of general planning and leadership of the music    program. “THE EMPLOYEE SHALL BE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE TO THE PASTOR”.
  14.  Be responsible for the purchase of all music and music supplies, and the hiring of a substitute musicians. Expenditures in this area shall be approved by the Pastor.
  15.  Maintain the music library in an orderly fashion and maintain, at the Employer’s expense, a suitable number of copies of musical pieces to enable performance of those pieces by the choirs or ensembles. The Employee shall not engage in the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials by photocopying or any other means that would expose the Employer to liability for penalties under existing or future copyright laws.  In the event that photocopying of music becomes necessary for appropriate purposes, the Employee, on behalf of the Employer, shall first obtain all necessary permissions and authorizations prior to any such reproduction of copyrighted materials.
  16.  Attend regularly scheduled meetings of staff, liturgical staff and, upon reasonable notice, attend such other committee meetings as may be necessary.
  17.  Report to the Pastor on the condition and needs for the maintenance of the parish’s musical instruments. The Employers shall provide for the proper care of these instruments.
  18.  Maintain a regular schedule of office hours for Wednesday through Sunday work week.
  19. Have the following days off per week: two (2) Monday & Tuesday, except funerals, Holy Days.
  20.  Provide thirty (30) days’ advance, written notice to the Employer if the Employee wishes to terminate employment or not renew this agreement.    

  21.  Answer Office Phone,
    • Assist people at front window,
    • Other responsibilities to be designated by the Pastor.   

The start date for this position is February 2025.

Please send your resume to: SJOA-Office@TampaBay.rr.com