St. Stephen Parish

A Maintenance Staff member is responsible for and personally maintains, renovates and sees to the cleanliness and upkeep of the buildings including the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. In addition, he/she is responsible for the maintenance and functionality of all tools, vehicles, and power equipment. He/She may supervise and or personally conduct grounds maintenance, preventative maintenance, safety and energy conservation audits. He/She must personally perform many maintenance functions per the standard established by the Parish Manager.

This position is a Part-Time, Non-Exempt Hourly Position without Benefits. This position requires building maintenance, janitorial, grounds maintenance and technical backgrounds.

Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

  • Maintains all electrical fixtures, switches, kitchen fans, vents, and exhaust fans, as well as all exposed plumbing including floor drains, toilets, valves, and traps.
  • Maintains all of the building in a safe, clean, and orderly manner and for cleaning all buildings before, during, and after guest activities. May supervise or perform the following: vacuuming, dusting, washing windows, mopping, and emptying trash.
  • Is responsible for keeping clean all outside furniture and common areas such as desks, smoking areas, sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways and repairs.
  • Changes light bulbs, and air conditioning filters, refill paper and soap products, and perform preventative maintenance on all door and window hardware.
  • Performs standards for grounds maintenance including mowing, shrub shaping, trimming branches, weeding, edging, blowing, and removal of yard waste.
  • Oversees the maintenance of all waterways and water features including the lakes and all the plants in or around the lakes or drainage areas.
  • Is required to perform light carpentry work such as building shelves, repairing trim and installing fences and may also be responsible of supervising these tasks as well.
  • Will implement the annual work plan from their supervisor
  • Assists in facility and site security.
  • Maintains an adequate inventory of custodial, maintenance, and operational supplies. Purchase or rent supplies/equipment as necessary, and restock these items as needed.
  • Must keep safe all physical aspects of the building and grounds, report any unsafe or possible unsafe conditions to the Parish Manager, and post warnings or signs to warn guest of these conditions.
  • Leads volunteer project and maintain a positive and friendly working relationship with all volunteers.
  • Provides other general assistance as needed through setting up chairs and tables in the facilities as requested, hauling and moving items, and picking up parts and other equipment as needed.

Working Conditions:

This is a “behind the scenes” position. Maintenance Staff members must understand the importance of staff invisibility and must not perform work in areas that guests are present unless absolutely necessary. When it is necessary, Maintenance Staff members must perform his or her duties as inconspicuously and quickly as possible.

Physical Requirements:
A Maintenance Staff member must be able to work from a ladder, adjust to height and close quarters, withstand heat and cold and have good eye-hand coordination. He/She must be in good physical condition and able to lift fifty (50) pounds and push heavily loaded carts.

Collaborative relationships:
Maintenance Staff members report to the Parish Manager and may supervise seasonal or part time help including volunteers. He/She must be able to work with minimal supervision.

Qualities and Skills:

  • A minimum of a High School diploma or GED equivalent is desired.
  • Experience with building, grounds, and vehicle maintenance is desired.
  • Basic plumbing and electrical knowledge is desired.
  • Good mechanical aptitude.
  • Ability to diagnose and perform mechanical repairs.
  • Ability to work from a ladder, adjust to height and close quarters, withstand heat and cold and have good eye-hand coordination.
  • Knowledge of cleaning products and how and when to use them.
  • Can update and maintain an M.S.D.S manual for the facility.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with other staff members, and volunteers.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Basic computer skills.

Candidate must successfully pass a Level II FBI Background Screening and complete Safe Environment Training

To apply, please send resume to: tom@ststephencatholic.org