James Dailey granted stay of execution until Dec. 30

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The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida has granted a temporary stay of execution to allow Mr. Dailey’s newly appointed federal counsel time to present his substantial claims of innocence.

Dailey was scheduled to be executed on Nov. 7 for the 1985 murder of 14-year-old Shelly Boggio.

The eight Catholic bishops of Florida have written to Gov. Ron DeSantis urging him to permanently stay the execution. “While we urge you to stop every execution and end the use of the death penalty in Florida, this case of a veteran with evidence of innocence is especially alarming,” wrote the bishops.
Another man, Jack Pearcy, has signed a sworn affidavit that he, and he alone, was responsible for the tragic death of Shelly Boggio. No physical evidence ties James Dailey to the crime; however, the Florida Supreme Court refuses to allow him to present new evidence proving his factual innocence.
The violent murder of Shelly Boggio cries out for justice. However, taking a life to punish and teach that killing is wrong perpetuates violence, is unnecessary, and would only further the tremendous harm that has been done. The direct killing of the innocent is always wrong and an intrinsic evil. 

If carried out, this will be the 100th execution in Florida since the reinstatement of the death penalty in the 1970s. This is the third death warrant signed by Gov. DeSantis. 

You may continue to reach out to Governor DeSantis to urge that the state not appeal or otherwise oppose this limited stay in order to allow Mr. Dailey’s case to proceed under the timeline directed by the Court. Send your message by clicking here.