Local Diocesan Director to Receive National Recognition from Catholic Relief Services

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Sabrina Burton Schultz, director of the Diocese of St. Petersburg Life, Justice and Advocacy Ministry,  has been selected by Catholic Relief Services as the recipient of the 2019 National CRS Diocesan Director Award for CRS Rice Bowl! The award is given to a well deserving and hardworking leader who exemplifies the work of solidarity by promoting CRS programs and Rice Bowl. The award will be presented during the CRS Meeting in DC (prior to the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering) on Saturday, February 2 from 8am-Noon.

Nominations are submitted from around the country. Megan Buckler, Ethical Trade Ambassador, CBI and PAC Animator, who assists Sabrina, received a special mention as well.

Below please find the outstanding accomplishments and qualities that earned Sabrina this award!

o             A dedicated, professional and passionate individual that teaches and promotes Catholic social teaching and the need to advocate for social justice and the importance of Integral Human Development.

o             She fully promotes the implementation of CRS’ programs and utilization of resources that assist in our work: Rice Bowl, Helping Hands, Ethical Trade, Ambassadors programs and Speaker Tours, to name a few.

o             Sabrina lead the outreach efforts that grew CRS Rice Bowl 95% from 2011 ($12,330.95) to 2016 ($23,988.03), a 45% increase in 2017 ($34,877) and then a 15.42% increase in 2018 ($40,253.29).

o             72% of Parishes, 50% of Schools and one Adventist Church participate in CRS Rice Bowl.

o             Organizes and participates with other key leaders in Advocacy Actions. Conducts prayer services and Legislators/Congressional visits, to advocate not only for the need to address local and world migration with a special focus on the need for address push factors, but as well, advocates for national appropriations budgets that will continue to provide funding for programs that offer lifesaving food,  water, sanitation and education to the poorest of the world..

o             She Is a full participant in the Go to Advocate network and engages others to act.

o             Sabrina inspires and builds movement, she is able to influence Catholics to respond to the call to end Global Poverty and to promote Integral Human Development.

o             She is an exemplary DD who inspire others with her mercy, compassion and love for those in need, not only to act locally but to respond to the need in the world.

o             Megan Buckler, PAC Animator supports Sabrina well beyond her commitment and is an integrate part of the movement and actions taking by DD, Sabrina. She supports and promotes all programs beyond her responsibilities and is to be commended as well for her dedication and tireless efforts to promote CRS Rice Bowl, Ethical Trade and the work of CRS with Sabrina as DD.