LPMI Year of Discernment 2019 – 2020- So often people ask how they can grow in their faith. In response to this, the Diocese of St. Petersburg offers a unique learning opportunity through the Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute. LPMI is a four-year program: an informal year of discernment and three years of formal academic training and spiritual growth. The initial segment of... Read More
Congratulations LPMI Class of 2019- On Tuesday, June 18 at the  Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle, Bishop Gregory Parkes commissioned 14 participants of the Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute. In an evening prayer service the Bishop congratulated and commissioned these students to serve in ministry leadership throughout the diocese. The Bishop remarked on their courageous commitment not only to ministry... Read More
SEPI Escuela de Ministerios Nivel I- ESCUELA DE MINISTERIOS – FORMACION DE SERVIDORES NIVEL I (2019-2020) APLICACIÓN PARA LA MATRICULA DE LA ESCUELA DE MINISTERIO NIVEL I Las clases empiezan enero 19-20, 2019 Costo por cada curso $30.00  por persona  – Cheque pago a “Diocese of St. Petersburg” La firma del párroco is necesario! Envíe esta aplicación a: Dale Brown, Directora Asociada Oficina... Read More