Congratulations on your decision to marry! It is our pleasure to assist you as you prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage!

What is Journey to Matrimony?
This comprehensive overnight experience is intended for those who desire a richer, fuller life together.  It is our hope that this encounter will deepen and enrich the relationship as well as enhance the remainder of the couple’s engagement.  We are also hopeful that Journey to Matrimony will provide a firm foundation on which couples can build their future as they prepare to enter into the Sacrament of Matrimony and spend a lifetime together!

How Far In Advance Should We Attend?

To allow ample time to complete the preparation process, it is our recommendation that couples attend 3 to 6 months prior to their wedding date.   You can attend with less than 3 months notice as long as this is acceptable with the priest or deacon assisting you.

Who Should Attend this Program?
Because we want nothing but the best for you and your marriage, Journey to Matrimony is the preferred preparation program for the Diocese of St. Petersburg.   This program is intended for couples where:

                  ♦  Both the bride and groom are entering marriage for the first time

                  ♦ Two Catholics are marrying 

                  ♦ An interfaith couple (a Catholic and non-Catholic) are marrying

What if one or both of us were married before?

 Regardless of the length or circumstances, if one or both of you had a prior marriage/marriages it is our recommendation that you participate in the Remarriage Program.  If this option wasn’t mentioned by the priest or deacon you are working with, we suggest contacting them before submitting your Journey to Matrimony registration to see if this is a more suitable option.  While we make every attempt to direct couples to the program they will benefit from the most, the priest or deacon determines this requirement and we will accommodate you based on their recommendation.  Click on REMARRIAGE 2020 to obtain the current brochure.

How do we register for Journey to Matrimony?

Download the Journey to Matrimony 2020 brochure which contains the registration form that you will completed and submit with the requested payment.  Mailing information is at the top of the form.

2020 Schedule

Please note:  Pending availability, a $100 late fee applies to registrations not received by the deadline.

 Program Date Registration Deadline
January 31st – February 1st   1/13/20
March 27th – 28th 3/9/20
April 24th – 25th 4/6/20
June 5th & 6th 5/18/20
July 24th & 25th 7/6/20
September 25th & 26th 9/8/20
November 6th & 7th 10/19/20

Should we check availability before submitting our registration?
While this may seem helpful, in cases where a program has limited availability, this can be the difference between getting confirmed or not.  Since registrations are processed in the order received it is better to submit the paperwork rather than waiting to see if a specific date has space. Payment isn’t processed unless we are 100% sure we can accommodate you.

How will we know if we are confirmed?

Shortly after receiving your registration, notification will be sent to each Email address listed on the form which will acknowledge receipt of your paperwork.  In the absence of Email, confirmation will be sent via postal service to the bride’s home address.   

What is included?
The cost includes program materials, meals and accommodations 

What do we have to bring?
 The Email acknowledging receipt of your paperwork will also include a confirmation letter.  This will contain pertinent information such as what to bring, the facility address, etc.   

Where does the program take place?
Journey to Matrimony is typically held at our diocesan retreat center in Lutz.  Facility information will be included in the confirmation letter.

What time does the program begin and end?
Couples are asked to arrive on Friday evening between 5:45 and 6:15 p.m.  The program ends on Saturday evening no later than 8:30 p.m.  Couples are expected to be present for the entire program therefore please keep your calendar free from all other commitments during this time.

Who do we contact if we have questions or need further assistance?
All contact regarding this program should be with the Office of Marriage & Family Life.  The staff of the host facility is unable to answer any questions you may have about the program and/or the marriage preparation process.

The best way to reach us is by E-mail as we have access to this from off-site locations and frequently respond after normal business hours.  The email address is: or by phone 727 – 341 – 6847.