This is a series of four (4) half day workshops that are offered in the Winter, Summer, and Fall.  Each lecture-style session is presented by a Marriage and Family Therapists.

Who should attend this program?
This program is intended for couples where one or both individuals were previously married, regardless of circumstances of that marriage.  Both Catholic and Inter-faith couples (a Catholic marrying a non-Catholic) are welcome to attend.

Can we attend if one or both of us are waiting for an annulment?
Yes, as long as this is okay with the priest or deacon that is assisting you with your marriage preparation.

What topics does the program cover?
The topics covered during the Remarriage program will include: Communication; Family of Origin; The Many Moods of Marriage; Blended Families.

Do we need to attend all four sessions?
That depends. Per our diocesan guidelines:

  • All couples must attend sessions 1, 2, & 3 in order to receive a certificate of completion
  • Those with minor and/or dependent children from a previous relationship must also attend Session 4 on Blended Families
  • Couples with independent adult children may eliminate Session 4 if they wish to do so

What is the cost?
$120.00 for those required to attend all 4 sessions – $100.00 for those that are eligible for 3 sessions.

What is included?
Your registration fee will include continental breakfast and program materials.

What do we need to bring?
Your fiancé and something to wear if you have a tendency to get cold.

What time does each session begin and end?
Continental breakfast is served starting at 8:30.  Each session begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at noon.

Do sessions need to be taken in order?
Absolutely not.  You are welcome to begin the program with any session.

Do we both have to attend the program?
We realize you are preparing for one of the most important steps you will ever take – marrying someone and committing yourself to them for the rest of your life! In order to adequately prepare for your future together, it is always best when marriage preparation is done as a couple.

Occasionally, extenuating circumstances sometimes exist that prevent this from happening. Should this be the case, please contact us to discuss this matter further.

When is the remarriage program offered?
Each series of workshops will be presented in the Winter, Summer, and Fall.  Please refer to the calendar below:

2020 Schedule

A late fee of $25 applies to those who don’t register prior to the deadline.

Session 1
January 18th (Deadline 12/30/19)
June 13th (Deadline 5/26/20)
September 12th (Deadline 8/24/20)

Session 2
February 8th (Deadline 2/3/20)
June 27th (Deadline 6/8/20)
September 26th (Deadline 9/8/20)

Session 3
February 22nd (Deadline 2/3/20)
July 11th (Deadline 6/22/20)
October 3rd (Deadline 9/14/20)

Session 4
March 14th (Deadline 2/24/20)
August 1st (Deadline 7/13/20)
October 10th (Deadline 9/21/20)

How do we register?
Complete and submit the registration form to the Office of Marriage & Family Life with the requested payment.  Please be mindful that each program has a registration deadline.  Phone, fax, email, or online registrations are not accepted.

What if we have to register after the deadline?
Pending availability, we can accept registrations after the deadline however a late fee will apply.

How do we get a brochure?
If your marriage preparation is being done through one of the parishes in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, more than likely they will provide you with the necessary information.


Should we check availability before submitting our registration?
No, space is usually not an issue for this program.

How will we know if we’re confirmed?
Once your paperwork is received and processed, acknowledgment will be sent to each email address listed on the registration form. This will also include an attachment of a confirmation letter with additional details.  In the absence of email, written notification will be mailed to the bride’s home.

Do we have to register in advance?
Yes, so that we are prepared for your arrival. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

Where is the program held?
Each session of the Remarriage Program will be held at the Bethany Center in Lutz.

Will child care be available?
While we love children, regardless of circumstances, we are unable to accommodate then during this program.  By all means we support family life.  Our first concern is for their safety and to ensure that we are upholding our diocesan guidelines for Safe Environment.  Next…some sessions include content that is not suitable for children, and finally…Bethany Center is not equipped with the proper facilities.

Who do we contact if we have questions or need further assistance?
All contact regarding this program or the marriage preparation process should be with the Office of Marriage & Family Life.  Since Bethany Center serves only as the host facility, their staff is unable to answer any questions you may have.

The best way to reach us is by E-mail as we have access to this from off-site locations and frequently respond after normal business hours.  The email address is: or by phone 727 – 341 – 6847.