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Teams of Our Lady an international small group movement, approved by the Holy See, which brings together those called to priestly and marital vocations in an atmosphere of encouragement and spiritual growth. The movement consists of teams each of which are made up of a priest spiritual counselor and five to seven married couples, who gather together once a month in one of the couple’s homes to share highs and lows, reflect on Scripture, pray together, and study a spiritual topic. They also review their endeavors together which consist of daily family and couple prayer, daily scripture reading and meditation, a monthly time of intentional dialogue reflecting on the state of their marriage, following a rule of life, and participating in a yearly retreat as a team.

The organization began in France in the late 1930s by Father Henri Caffarel, as a movement of marital spirituality. Teams of Our Lady grew rapidly, spreading over all five habitable continents, coming to the United States in 1958, and arriving in the Diocese of St. Petersburg in the early 1980s. Currently there are about 30+ active teams which meet within our diocesan boundaries with new teams forming as needed.

Msgr. Michael Muhr, Sector Spiritual Counselor

The movement is organized into sectors, each composed of five to twenty teams. A sector is overseen by a sector team made up of a sector responsible couple, two to four liaison couples who make yearly visits to the teams, and a sector priest spiritual counselor. Similar organization takes place at the regional, provincial, national and international level. Here in the United States there are 700+ teams, which make up but a small part of the 12,000+ teams located in almost every country of the world.

For more information you may visit the national or international Teams of Our Lady websites or contact the movement locally:

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