Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School Learns, Serves, Leads and Succeeds

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Every year, Catholic Schools Week provides an opportunity to celebrate the gift of a Catholic education. Students are given time to renew our faith in God and honor him by growing in our academic and spiritual development.  Students at Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School in Lutz embraced this year’s theme: LEARN, SERVE, LEAD, SUCCEED by participating in a week full of fun, enriching activities.

The “Serve Without a Cent” activity taught students that kindness is priceless.  Each student selected a kind act or deed.  Then, they completed the kind act during the day.  The students learned that something as simple as smiling can make a big difference in someone’s day at school.

I chose to smile at 3 people today.  I smiled at a new student and anyone else that looked like they were having a bad day.  It was a reminder that we should be doing these types of things everyday”. ~ Nick, middle school

I chose to sit with someone new during lunch.  I sat with a student that normally eats alone.  After I sat down, he smiled and we talked.  I feel like I brightened his day.” ~ Becca, middle school

Participating in “Serve Without a Cent” reminded the middle school students that a simple act of kindness can make a big difference.

Another service project that took place during Catholic Schools Week at Mother Teresa of Calcutta was the “Penny Drive for Catholic Charities”.  The 5th grade students headed up this project. They were responsible for delivering the penny jars and announcing the project to each class. The 5th graders enjoyed leading the school in this initiative and were inspired by its success.

Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed shows what our school stands for.  And raising money with the penny drive helps other students and schools have the same opportunity we have”. ~ Casey

I like preaching to others, I felt like a priest when I went to the classrooms to give a speech”. ~ Noah

I hope we raise a lot of money for Catholic Charities.  It’s fun to help”. ~ Brady

The 5th graders led the “Penny Drive for Catholic Charities” service project. They announced the project to the students and spent the week managing the penny jars in each classroom.

It has been an exciting and inspirational week for the students at Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School!  LEARN. SERVE. LEAD. SUCCEED! This will be a resounding theme that students, teachers, and administrators will strive for all year long.