New Members of the Diocesan Hispanic Assembly Meet for First Time

The Diocesan Hispanic Assembly 2019-2021 celebrated its first meeting on Saturday, March 9, 2019, at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in St. Petersburg with 67 members in attendance.

The agenda included a presentation about the Rice Bowl from CRS and guest speakers from the FAST and HOPE organizations.  Assembly members learned about the Historical Memory of the Hispanic Commission and the Assembly, and then met by region to choose their coordinators and secretaries and set up their meeting schedule for the year.  The meeting ended with a presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to past Assembly members who served in 2016-2018.

Every three years, all pastors in the Diocese have the opportunity to nominate 2 representatives from their parish to join the Assembly. The Assembly meets twice a year as a whole and by geographical region 6 times a year.

Representatives from 38 parishes will collaborate in “pastoral de conjunto,” along with representatives from apostolic movements, organizations and ministries present in our diocese to promote and support the participation of the Hispanic community as parishes and our diocese implement plans to Courageously Live the Gospel.

Click on the picture below to scroll through photos of the meeting or click here to see the entire photo album.

2019 Diocesan Hispanic Assembly Meeting on 3/9