New Video Helps Students Day-to-Day

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Saint Leo University is helping youth and young adults to courageously live the Gospel. They have produced a video called “Day-to-Day Tips for Living Your Faith.”

Sarah Bermudez, a graduate of St. Petersburg Catholic High School and an Education Major at Saint Leo is featured in the video.  This is the first time she has appeared in a university video but she was glad to share her personal experiences as a Catholic college student with others.

“I have a huge passion for young adult ministry and I personally struggled with my transition into college as a Catholic. This was a topic that hit home and where I believed I could be a good example of a student who balances an active social life in college while still practicing my faith,” said Bermudez.

“Living your faith” video from Diocese of St. Petersburg on Vimeo.

The idea for the video came from a brainstorming session among members of the Saint Leo University Communications Office. The team discussed ideas that could be shared with the local Catholic community and asked the question, “As a university, what resources and expertise do we have to offer others?”

With a focus on serving teens and young adults, they brainstormed with Saint Leo students and came up with the idea of doing a video to provide helpful tips for staying focused on faith during those college years.

The video could help students to take courage on campus!

“I hope that those who watch the video are gifted with the courage to live radically in their faith. I would love others to see that there are other like-minded individuals who want to live a life for Christ, even in college or high school,” added Bermudez.