Compassionate Lord, in my attempt to listen to Your call, I am considering service to my incarcerated brothers and sisters by being a representative in Your Name as I go forth to visit. 

Mindful of the journey of the Virgin Mary to call upon her cousin, Elizabeth, I ask that this work of mine be truly a Visitation.  May You, my Lord and God, visit those I shall see. 

Using me as your vessel of visitation, empty my heart so that it will be filled with You. 

Humble me and remove all that may prevent You, my Lord, from being the Gift that I will bring to them. May my words be honest and real so that they may be channels for Your Grace. 

Through Your assistance, I will strive to give myself in service, but never impose myself upon those I visit.  Finally, Lord make me conscious of how it is I, who will be visited by You as I enter into the sacred circle of sickness, loneliness and sometimes despair.

-Fr. Edward M. Hays