Saving the World 1 Pair of Shoes at a Time!

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Students & families of St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School (SCS) recently collected over 10,000 pairs of used shoes. Why you might ask would they do such a thing? SCS has partnered with an organization, Funds 2 Orgs, in order to help the environment, those in need and their school. The shoes are sent to people in impoverished nations in Central America, South America and Africa where people are taught how to run their own little business selling shoes, including shoe cleaning and repair. The first set of shoes is free to customers and the second set is at a very low cost. This allows sustainable income for their families. The philosophy of the program is giving someone a hand up teaching people to be self-sufficient. The school benefits too as they receive a set price per pound for the shoes collected. SCS is an International Baccalaureate World School which educates the students on a global level. Partnering in this project with Funds 2 Org has brought an awareness to students the needs of others throughout the world.