St. Cecelia Seder Meal

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On Monday, March 23, our 2nd and 6th grade classes celebrated a Seder Meal under the direction of Father Jack Marino. The Seder Meal is the traditional retelling of the story of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt as found in the Book of Exodus. Our students first celebrate this meal here in 2nd grade as they prepare for First Communion, and then again in 6th grade as they begin studying Salvation History.

Father Jack and parent readers shared the story of the Israelites plight under Pharaoh’s domination, the horror of the plagues and the celebration of the evening of the first Passover. They tasted bitter herbs that represented the bitterness of slavery; they ate matzo as a reminder of the unleavened bread; they had shredded chicken in place of the lamb whose blood preserved their firstborn. Throughout the meal, Father Jack reminded all present of the saving love of God which is still powerfully present to us today.