Statement Regarding Father Roman Gromala, a Deceased Priest Who Served in the Diocese of St. Petersburg Between 1958-1991

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On February 11, 2019, the Diocese of St. Petersburg received notice that Father Roman Gromala has been listed by the Diocese of Norwich, Connecticut as a priest with a credible allegation of the sexual abuse of a minor.  Before relocating to Florida, Father Gromala was ordained in 1950 and served in the Diocese of Norwich for five years.

Below is a list of Father Gromala’s assignments in the Diocese of St. Petersburg. We have notified the pastors of these parishes so that they can inform their congregations.

  • June 1958 to March 1959, Associate Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Pinellas Park
  • March 1959 to August 1973, Administrator, St. Jerome Parish, Largo
  • August 1973 to May 1983, Pastor, St. Jerome Parish, Largo
  • March 1983 to 1991, Director of the Polish Apostolate

Anyone who is aware of abuse is urged to report the crime to local law enforcement.  Parishioners can also contact the Diocese of St. Petersburg Victim Assistance Minister at (866) 407-4505 for pastoral support.

We continue to pray for all people whose lives have been wounded by crimes of abuse.  We denounce all forms of sexual abuse by any person or any institution as a reprehensible crime and believe that perpetrators should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.