It takes active recruitment by parish leadership to bring in the right people (those who want to learn and share what they have learned about stewardship), train them, empower them to work to bring the message to the people, and make plans to restock the group (because people can’t serve forever). This process should be done throughout the year as parishioners may move unexpectedly or have a change in the time they are able to contribute to ongoing stewardship efforts.

It is important to note that all members should make at least a year-long commitment to serve. Members should be:

  • representative of the entire parish, recognizing diversity and multi-cultural elements.
  • spiritually motivated and have a good relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • practicing stewardship as a way of life. They may not call it stewardship, but they live it.
  • forward thinkers. These people can imagine and see what will happen if they commit themselves to offering educational opportunities for their brothers and sisters to deepen their relationship with God. If their concern is raising money for the parish or getting more volunteers, then they would not be good candidates for the committee.

Once committee members have been identified, they should be given opportunity to pray and faith share with other members of the stewardship committee so that they can find their “stewardship witness” story. They should also be given a job description of what they are being asked to do and how much time they are being asked to commit. And of course, they should be given materials to help educate themselves about stewardship including:

  • videos
  • lay witness testimony
  • brochures
  • written manuals
  • internet links and sites

Please click here to contact the Office of Stewardship & Development for more information on stewardship committee formation.