Stewardship is…

  • saying YES to God and to a way of life He has spelled out for us in the Bible. In doing this, we are asked to say NO to the influences in our society that emphasize values and aims that are selfish, thoughtless and opposed to stewardship as a way of life.
  • a true step in faith – RECEIVING God’s gifts gratefully, CULTIVATING them responsibly, SHARING them lovingly, and RETURNING them with increase to the Lord.
  • TAKING ACTION and returning a portion of what has been shared with us.
  • an important part of LIVING A CHRISTIAN LIFE.
  • serious CHALLENGE with the current emphasis on materialism, the “me” generation, taking care of ourselves before others, and general acceptance of our focus on our wants.
  • a gradual CONVERSION which involves the heart, mind, spirit, values, spending habits and time commitments.


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