Catholics Experiencing Divorce…
This book offers practical advice on starting over after the end of a marriage, including updated resources for education, career guidance, housing, counseling, and helpful online information. Here is a Catholic Christian approach to moving through the challenges of divorce and into the future.

Dialogue of Social Scientists and Theologians
In October 2005 the Committee sponsored a colloquium at Creighton University entitled “Promoting and Sustaining Marriage as a Community of Life and Love.” The colloquium brought together three theologians and three social scientist to explore, by means of prepared papers and subsequent discussion, the points of convergence and mutual reinforcement that both disciplines bring to the topic of marriage. The discussion was a collaborative search for ways that Catholic teaching and ministry can connect with the questions, needs, and aspirations of those contemplating marriage and those living it.

Marriage Preparation Policies
In November 2004 the U.S. Bishops launched the National Pastoral Initiative on Marriage, a multi-year collaborative effort to promote, preserve, and protect marriage, understood as both a sacramental reality and a human institution. The bishops directed their Committee on Marriage and Family to develop a pastoral letter on marriage as the centerpiece of the Initiative.

Marriage and Family Ministry
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National Pastoral Initiative on Marriage
In the NATIONAL PASTORAL INITIATIVE FOR MARRIAGE (NPIM) the U.S. Catholic bishops call attention to the meaning and value of married life for the Church and for society. Bringing Catholic belief into dialogue with contemporary needs, the bishops urge the Catholic Church to become a community of hope and help for marriages and to join others in building a culture of marriage. The Initiative weaves together the Catholic faith tradition and its pastoral practice, the data of social science, and the experience of married couples to offer guidance and resources, including a pastoral letter, in order to promote, strengthen, sustain and restore marriages.

Healing After Divorce
This book offers hope and practical ideas for those going through a divorce or having already experienced a divorce.

U.S. Bishops’ Statement on Marriage
From 1980 to 2005, many U.S. bishops addressed different aspects of marriage through pastoral letters, articles, and speeches. Although they published a few pieces that focused specifically on the union of man and woman in the sacrament of matrimony, for the most part the bishops either wrote about concerns closely related to the sacrament (annulments, cohabitation, contraception, marriage preparation, sexuality), or they discussed marriage in the larger context of family life.