Adult Awards are received during the annual Awards Ceremony for Religious Recognition Awards.  Nominations may be received up to one month prior to the Ceremony Date.  

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award was created by the Department of Education, USCC (now USCCB), in 1980 to recognize the significant contributions of persons serving the spiritual needs of Catholic members in organizations serving girls through Girl Scouts & Campfire. It is intended to recognize notable contributions to scouting field of youth ministry.  Requirements for DOSP include a minimum of 3 years of active service to Girl Scouts or other organizations recognized by the Committee or to the Catholic Scouting for Girls Committee.

Guidelines for Nomination :

  1. Participation in activities that contribute to the spiritual development of girls in scouting ​Girl Scouts (or other organizations recognized by the committee)​, such as retreats and ​Girl Scout  ​Scout Sunday observances.  
  2. Promotes the religious recognition programs available to Catholic girls in scouting.
  3. Serves as a Catholic Scouting for Girls ​Girl Scout ​Recognition Consultant. 
  4. Participates in adult spiritual motivation days.
  5. Assists Catholic girls to attend Mass while camping and traveling.
  6. Encourages the spirit of ecumenism among the leaders within their scouting organization. ​of the Girl Scout council​. 
  7. Contributes other service to the parish and community.

St. Anne

The St. Anne Medal for adults working with Catholic members of national organizations serving girls is an award of the Department of Education, USCC. It was inaugurated at the Sixth National Conference on Catholic Youth Work in Philadelphia in November 1957 and it was redesigned in 1980. It is the highest national award recognition for adults who serve Catholic youth through Girl Scouts and Camp Fire and other organizations recognized by the Committee. The purpose of the award is to honor the outstanding service of adults contributing to the spiritual development of Catholic members of organizations for girls, and to further Catholic adult leadership in youth ministry through those organizations.  Requirements for DOSP include a minimum of 7 years of active service to girls in Scouting or youth ministry in the Diocese.

Guidelines for Nomination:

  1. Assists in promoting the national and diocesan religious awards each year.
  2. Encourages non-Catholic girls to participate in religious recognition programs of their churches.
  3. Develops and promotes other Catholic activities for youth and is willing to act as a leader of these activities.
  4. Participates in adult spiritual motivation programs, retreats or days of recollection and is instrumental in encouraging others to participate. 
  5. Serves in a leadership role within their scouting organization ​Girl Scouts (or other organizations recognized by the committee)​, and is outstanding in his/her sense of responsibility, humility and good example.
  6. Initiates and participates in service projects for the Church and community.
  7. Displays outstanding spiritual leadership to the girls in her troop, to attend Mass during summer camps and other scouting activities, and encourages the frequent reception of the Sacraments.
  8. Demonstrates the spirit of ecumenism, parochial responsibility and Catholic leadership.

Email your nomination to ​EMAIL ADDRESS​ ​​ by January 1, 2022​. ​Download the Nomination Form (INSERT HYPERLINK TO PDF OF FORM) ​In your email, include how the person you are nominating has lived out the guidelines for one of the awards

Note:  This nomination is to be kept confidential.  The person making the nomination will be notified of the results. 

This ministry is supported through gifts to the Catholic Ministry Appeal.
This ministry is supported through gifts to the Catholic Ministry Appeal.