Emailing and texting are relatively quick, easy and inexpensive communication tools. When utilizing these options:

  • Make sure your emails get through – There are hundreds of different spam filtering mechanisms that are available for email systems. Each one has its own set of characteristics for determining spam.  Ask your community to whitelist your domain. This way, legitimate emails will not go to the spam/junk folder or be blocked. If you don’t know how to mark an email address as a “safe sender” check with your IT specialist. Also, please whitelist (add to safe sender list) the domain so that emails from us will reach you.
  • Maintain a detailed database of your community members – This should include cell phone numbers and email addresses along with permission to email and text individuals. It is important to request this information during the initial registration process and remind your community on a regular basis to provide you with any changes to their contact information.
  • Don’t get blocked – It’s important to make sure the email addresses on your list are current. If you keep sending messages to non-existent accounts, Internet Service Providers will block you because you look like a spammer who purchased an old email list.
  • Find a provider to help organize your e-communications – There are several email service providers. While there can be associated costs with these service providers, some of the benefits include improved functionality, compliance with the law, and enhanced email delivery and they provide email reports to track opens, clicks, and shares of your emails. Email services allow you to host and manage your email database from a single location.
  • Write emails people will read. To learn more about strategies to help you, watch a webinar recorded by our Office of Communications in partnership with Flocknote.

The Diocese of St. Petersburg has entered into a partnership with Flocknote that will enable parishes to improve their communications by more affordably and effectively emailing and text messaging their community. Our partnership includes a generous discount, training, support and best practices to help you stay connected with your community and become a more dynamic parish.