The Diocese of St. Petersburg has a partnership with Flocknote to enable parishes to improve their communications by more affordably and effectively emailing and text messaging their community. Our partnership includes a generous discount, training, support and best practices to help you stay connected with your community and become a more dynamic parish.

Additional Information: Five Reasons for Flocknote, FAQ,  Introductory Webinar

Training Opportunities:

Contact Teresa Peterson to request a training at your parish,

Training Resources

A Great Opportunity for Your Parish! Here’s why:

  • Healthy organizations know how to reach their people. Flocknote gives you the ability to collect important contact information and stay in touch with your community on a regular basis.
  • Our Communications Survey showed that people are seeking more information about their church. Parishioners who completed the survey most commonly suggested email as a way for churches to keep them informed. Text messaging was also mentioned.
  • Email and text messaging are affordable ways to reach people and can reduce the need for printing and mailing.
  • The partnership between Flocknote and the Diocese will provide parishes an affordable option for improving their communications and provide parishes extra training, best practices and support. Also, Bishop Gregory Parkes will be able to send an annual Easter and Christmas message and important notifications directly to parishioners.
  • Flocknote is a better way to email and text. It’s built specifically for churches. The founder is a Catholic computer engineer who is passionate about helping churches to improve how they communicate.

Flocknote Intro from Flocknote on Vimeo.