Martyrs of La Florida Missions

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New Cause for the Saints: Martyrs of La Florida Missions

On Monday October 12, 2015, Maureen Biebrich, and Marilyn Cisek, representatives from our Native American Ministry attended the Official Opening of the Cause for Canonization of the Martyrs of La Florida Mission.  As stated by Maureen, “The Mass and official ceremonies were filled with a serene joy. “ Present as well from our Diocese were Very Rev. John McEvoy, VF, Very Rev. Joseph Waters, Very Rev. Leonard Plazewski, VF;
Rev. Ramon Hernandez and other guests. Chief Bennett and wife Jennifer from Pineville La. together with seventeen family members, all descendants of the original Apalachee were present for this beautiful moment

The Martyrs are: Antonio Cuipa and Companions, Servants of God.  86 in number,  this grup of martyrs also include from our area Father Luis de Cancer. More research is taking place at this time and it is quite possible that the number could increase. Besides the Indigenous People, Martyrs included missionaries from the Dominicans, Jesuits and Franciscans orders who at the time (1549-1706) were serving the people of God they encountered.

Among these Servants of God, 69 were from the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee,  3 in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, 3 from possibly the dioceses of Orlando, Venice and Palm Beach and 10 form the Diocese of St. Augustine. For more information on the Martyrs and their Cause please visit : Martyrs of La Florida Misisons