New Legislation is Approved Requiring Parental Consent Prior to a Minor’s Abortion

Posted inLife Justice & Advocacy

The bishops of Florida commend our state legislature for passing, with bipartisan support, legislation that ensures a parent provides consent before a minor can terminate her pregnancy.

Parental consent is required prior to a minor’s medical treatment in most every instance, this includes simple medical interventions such as taking an aspirin or getting one’s ears pierced. This legislation is a common-sense measure that holds abortion to the same consent requirements as most every other medical decision involving a child.

“Standards that relate to children’s health care should apply especially in the context of abortion, which critically affects the lives of two children,” said Ingrid Delgado, Associate Director for Social Concerns/Respect Life. “Abortion entails an irreversible decision that is life altering for the pregnant child and life ending for the child in the womb.”

We praise our state’s legislative leaders for advancing this pro-life legislation, especially bill sponsors, Senator Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) and Representative Erin Grall (R-Vero Beach), who took on the difficult task of guiding it through the committee process and onto the floor of the Senate and House. We also commend the Democratic lawmakers who courageously crossed party lines and voted to ensure vital protections for parents and their children.

Finally, we look forward to Governor Ron DeSantis, who has expressed strong support for this common-sense legislation, signing SB 404 into law.