Pastoral Bulletin Guidelines

All text submitted for inclusion in the Pastoral Bulletin should be sent to the Pastoral Bulletin coordinator at at least three weeks prior to the requested publication date.  The bulletin is published every Monday and deadline for submitting material is 4:00 pm on the preceding Friday. (When Monday is a holiday it will be published on Tuesday.) Length or content may be revised at discretion of editor.

During the Summer months (June through August) the bulletin is published every other week.  We post the schedule on the website.

Visiting Clergy/Speakers
If your parish or other diocesan entity is planning to invite a member of the clergy or of a religious institute, or a lay presenter to assist with sacramental duties or to offer a presentation, the invitee must first receive clearance through the Office of the Chancellor.  Request forms for clearance of such persons can be found below:

Clearance guidelines and form–Clergy -Sept 2018 ~ fillable
Clearance guidelines and form–Religious -Sept 2018 ~ fillable
Clearance guidelines and form–Lay Presenters -Sep 2018 ~ fillable

Official Notices
Information in this section originates from the Office of the Bishop. This includes clergy changes, Bishop Parkes’ diocesan events (Chrism Mass, Memorial Day Mass, etc.) and any other official announcement coming from the Vatican, the USCCB and/or the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Ministry Updates
Information is this section originates from Pastoral Center staff who submit announcements about their programs, events and ministries.  Announcements should be limited to 80 words, submitted as text in a Word document and will run for one week only.

Pastoral Center staff and a pastor or pastor-delegate from a parish,  school or diocesan entity are invited to submit articles or press releases for the News section of the Pastoral Bulletin.  It is also helpful to submit a related photo or image that is of good resolution and quality. Articles should be approximately 300-500 words and include a catchy headline and introduction that will link to the diocesan website, which will display the full story.  News articles will run for one week only. The articles should cover a significant event or mileston and include a quote from a pastor, principal or key individual related to the news item. Submission does guarantee inclusion in the Pastoral Bulletin.

Parish Bulletin Announcements
Pastoral Center staff and parish staff may submit announcements for inclusion in the Bulletin Announcements section. To be considered, announcements should be limited to 80 words, submitted as text in a word document, font Verdana, size 10 and at least three weeks prior to the requested publication date. Title of event should be listed at top in bold. Events should be of interest to a cross-section of people across the Diocese.  Announcements will run a maximum of 2 weeks.

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
All are invited to the Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle (5815 5th Ave N, St. Petersburg) to join Bishop Gregory Parkes for a Holy Hour as he consecrates the Diocese of St. Petersburg to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For more information contact the Communications Office at 727-344-1611 or visit

For the Faithful Departed Section
This section of the Pastoral Bulletin will include death announcements. Obituaries will be limited to priests, religious, deacons and Pastoral Center staff. Announcements will be brief and run for one week only.

 Important Links
This list features webpages that are of high interest or high priority. They promote events,  and employment opportunities at your parish or organization:

  • Pilgrimages – If your parish is organizing a pilgrimage, please forward the information to us by email at
  • Events Around the Diocese – Pastoral Center and parish staff may submit events for our online calendar. More information and guidelines are available at this link. Contact Maria Mertens ( if additional information is needed.
  • Employment Opportunities – Job openings and descriptions should be submitted to Faith Eschenfelder at

We encourage you to visit our diocesan website,, for more information on parishes, schools and ministries and offices and also invite you to join our mailing list to receive the pastoral bulletin.  Click here to join the mailing list.

Thank you for helping to make this an effective communication tool for all!