These forms are for use in submitting a case to the Tribunal through your Advocate (your local parish priest, deacon  or lay minister).  They are here for convenience so the most current versions will be available.

It is important that the petitioner begin the journey with the marriage nullity process by meeting with your local parish priest, deacon or lay minister prior to downloading and/or printing these forms. This meeting is to ensure the correct form(s) are being used.  In addition you will be able to explain your situation so that they can guide you to the section/s of the forms that will need particular attention for your situation.  They will also accompany you in discerning if starting a marriage nullity case is the right step for you at this time and throughout the journey.

It is strongly recommended that you download the form to your computer prior completing, printing and submitting to your parish priest, deacon or lay person.

The forms are provided in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, complete and print.

By downloading and completing any of these forms, I affirm that I have met with a priest, deacon or lay minister and that person has determined the form I will be completing. I also understand that if the wrong form is completed or it is incomplete that it can be returned therefore delaying the process.