Diocesan Marriage Enrichment Series

This program consists of 4 half-day workshops from 9:00 a.m. to noon, each of which is presented by a marriage and family therapist. Session 1 – Family of Origin, Session 2 – Communication, Session 3 – The Many Moods of Marriage. Those with minor/dependent children from previous relationships will find Session 4 – Blended Family particularly helpful. Married couples are invited to attend whichever sessions they wish. Since each topic is a free standing workshop, sessions can be taken in any order.

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Session 1 – Family of Origins

January 13th (Deadline 1/5/24)
June 8th (Deadline 5/24/24)
September 14th (Deadline 8/30/24)

Session 2 – Communications

January 27th (Deadline 1/12/24)
June 22nd (Deadline 6/7/24)
September 28th (Deadline 9/13/24)

Session 3 – The Many Moods of Marriage

February 10th (Deadline 1/26/24)
July 13th (Deadline 6/28/24)
October 12th (Deadline 9/27/24)

Session 4 – Blended Families*

March 2nd (Deadline 2/16/24)
July 27th (Deadline 7/12/24)
October 26th (Deadline 10/11/24)

If you need further assistance please email deb@dosp.org or call 727-341-6847