The Human Touch

Posted inMaking Space for Grace

In Greek mythology, Midas was a king who turned everything he touched into gold. Having the Midas Touch is now synonymous with being able to easily turn a large profit. But what value does the human touch have in our world?

It seems like some businesses celebrate a lack of human touch. For example, “contactless” is now a benefit. I stayed at a hotel recently and with online check in and the app on my phone, I never had to speak to or see another human being to access my room. Unfortunately, a lack of human touch is causing many people to feel isolated and alone. This was already a reality for many when COVID-19 happened. Especially during lockdown, people could go weeks and months without human contact.

In prison studies, isolation is the cruelest form of torture. Prisoners will start tapping to see if anyone is on the other side, to see if anyone responds. Now, so many of us only touch our phones. The Catholic Church is an incarnational Church – Jesus became human to touch our wounds, our brokenness, to heal us and to bring us forgiveness. We are called to be like Jesus. We are called to be in touch with our brothers and sisters – despite our frailties and weaknesses and to show love. This is the human touch that lifts our souls. We are not turning a profit but we are turning to one another to share the love of Christ. We start as babies thriving with the human touch of our parents. And throughout our lives, this closeness to people we love, is essential for our survival.