What Details Are You Missing?

Posted inMaking Space for Grace

One time I was baking banana bread with my daughter when she was around nine years old, and the recipe called for a cup of sugar. Without paying much attention, I grabbed a jar from the pantry and poured the white substance into the mixing bowl.  It wasn’t until the bread had finished baking that I realized I had poured salt into the bowl instead of sugar. Needless to say, the bread tasted awful!

Baking banana bread to bond with my daughter was a great experience but I overlooked an important detail that kept us from enjoying what we had made.

What details might you be missing because of a preoccupation with media, technology, and digital devices?

What details might your children be missing because of excessive use of digital devices?

Using the wrong ingredient in a recipe should not have long-lasting consequences. But a digital divide that separates families and keeps us from authentic human interactions might.

Is your digital use keeping you from giving and receiving compassion, practicing patience, and being present to your loved ones? Is it distracting you from noticing how God is present in your life, in your family, in your relationships? These are important details you don’t want to miss!