Courageously Accompanying Youth & Young Adults

We believe young people are essential to the Church and to increase their encounters with Christ…

The Diocese will hire three diocesan regional Associate Directors of Youth and Young Adult Ministry by July 1, 2019.

    • Goal Update September 2020: The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry announced a new training program that is based on the needs expressed by youth ministry leaders. Courageous Youth Ministry Training is FREE and FLEXIBLE, can be offered ONLINE or IN-PERSON depending on your preference, and can even be offered in ENGLISH or SPANISH. The idea is to meet a parish’s specific needs in order to bring quality youth ministry training to our parishes. 
    • Goal Update June 2020: The plan to hire a second Regional Associate Director for Hillsborough County and a third Regional Associate Director for Pinellas County has been delayed due to various factors, including COVID-19.
    • Goal Update April 2019: Mike Buckler is the new Regional Associate Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the northern counties of the Diocese of St. Petersburg effective June 3, 2019. Mike is working closely with parishes in Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco counties to help establish and enhance youth and young adult ministry.  Since he began in this role, eleven parishes have started a youth ministry from scratch as a direct result of Courageously Living the Gospel. Mike is providing direct support to pastors, parishes, and many volunteers or part-time youth ministry leaders. Mike is providing one-on-one mentorship, training, and direct support at youth ministry events. Three Citrus County parishes worked together to participate in the 2020 Good Samaritan Project, with 25 high schoolers working together to serve the community.  Mike has 13 years of experience in full-time parish ministry and a Master of Divinity from the University of Notre Dame. 

We will increase student participation by 1000% (4,000 individuals) at established campus ministry communities, and create new Catholic student communities for all local colleges and universities in the Diocese by Easter of 2021.

The diocese will establish a new Catholic elementary school (location to be determined) to open for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Goal Update June 2020: This goal has been delayed due to COVID-19. With God’s continued guidance, we will make this school a reality. The Office of Catholic Schools has been studying demographics, enrollment trends and financial projections toward the goal of establishing a new Catholic elementary school (location to be determined). Identifying the location is based on a number of factors including enrollment and financial support, proximity to and availability of other Catholic schools and analysis of population trends and movement.