The Office of Faith Formation promotes lifelong faith formation by empowering, resourcing and certifying parish catechetical leaders, coordinators of Christian initiation, parish catechists and Christian initiation teams. We strive to implement the General and National Directories for Catechesis, the Rites of Christian Initiation and other Church documents related to catechesis, Christian formation and initiation. Through the work of catechesis, the Catholic Church hands on the faith that she believes, celebrates, and lives to every generation so that people can enter into communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Faith Resources For Households of Faith

A Well-Formed and Lively Faith

Catechist Formation

The Diocesan Catechist Certification Program is intended for those who serve as parish catechists, Catholic School teachers, R.C.I.A ministers, youth ministry catechists, and other adults serving parishes in catechetical ministry. The Catechist Certification Program is concerned with the faith development of the catechist as well as with doctrinal content and methodology. The intention of this program is to assist the catechist in nurturing a faith-love relationship with God and, in turn, to foster a faith-love relationship with God in those whom they catechize. Thus will the dimensions of formation: being, knowing and savoir-faire be realized in the catechetical ministry of the Diocese.

Children's Faith Formation

Learn about the four pillars for passing on the faith.

  1. The Profession of Faith (Creed)
  2. The Celebration of the Christian Mystery (Sacraments)
  3. Life in Christ (Morality) 
  4. Christian Prayer

Learn how the Sunday readings connect with Catholic teachings

Lectionary and Curriculum Alignment Tool

Parent & family faith formation information (Strong Catholic Families, Strong Catholic Youth) can be found on the Office of Marriage & Family Ministry website.

Safe Environment


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