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Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Below is a link to the Diocesan Time Off Policy.  This is the recommended policy, but note that some entities deviate from the Diocesan recommended policy based on local needs.  Please check with your local business office for the policy being used.

Diocese Time Off Policy

Volunteer Application:
Form to be completed by Volunteers.

Labor Law Posters: Information on posting of mandatory labor law poster.  Please note that Labor Law Posters obtained by private companies contain information that is considered standard for general businesses.  We are a non-profit and the poster cannot be tailored to our particular needs.  Example: FMLA.  It will be necessary to cover over the FMLA with the Diocesan FML policy.  Click below for additional information.

FML Policy – Diocese of St. Petersburg

The Diocese of St. Petersburg has a specific policy that supercedes any other FMLA policy.  Please click below.

 Independent Contractor Contracts, Criteria and Requirements

Fair Labor Standards & Exemption Regulations.

EXEMPTION REGULATIONS: Criteria to determine if an employee is Exempt or Non-Exempt.

STATUS CHANGE REQUEST: Recommended to record new hires, changes in employment, terminations.

POSITION (JOB) DESCRIPTIONS: Information regarding creating job descriptions.

EAP & HARASSMENT INFO:  Information regarding the Diocesan Employee Assistance Program and material on Sexual Harassment reporting – should be provided to all employees.


EMPLOYEE EVALUATIONS: Job/ Ministry Assessment form below can be used as a template; or a memo can be used as long as it includes the same information.  Employee must be provided with a copy and the original placed in employee file.

DISCIPLINARY PROCESS: Recommendations when disciplinary action of an employee is being considered.


 If employee already has benefits, please complete the following forms: